"Lush and Immersive...summons an elusive mood of longing within the sonic wonderment."
New York Times

"Mesmerizing and dreamlike, Melt is an extraordinary release, seeking endless complexity and intrigue."
Performer Magazine

"A cracking debut of invention and intrigue by this New York based trio. The best way to experience Melt is to sink into it shorn of expectations. Here, the listener can really let the bubbling melodies, chanted mantras and delicious textures take hold. Once bitten, it’s unlikely Melt will let go of one’s attentions soon. An exquisite new breed to behold."

"Melt is the alternate universe you’ve been searching for. A stunning debut."
The Music

"Some records are defined by the time and place of their creation, but Young Magic's piecemeal approach has the opposite effect. It doesn't sound like it came from a certain somewhere, but rather, everywhere. At once pulverizing and pristine, it's an HD stunner."

"An enormous wall of sound anchored by textures both organic and electronic, It has the power to induce a trance. Young Magic hypnotize."
Village Voice

"Blending world beats and shimmering sonic glitter."
Q Magazine

"Woozy, smacked-out sounds that mix elements of shoegaze, African rhythms, psych rock and left-field hip hop. In the shimmering celestial beats and clanking, Far Eastern polyrhythmic dreamscapes, they forge a magicalworld of trippy vocal electronica."

"A soundclash between Burial, Cocteau Twins and Animal Collective"
Uncut Magazine

"Complicated and beautiful, this is one of the most intricate and interesting debuts in recent years."
All About Jazz

"From the album’s very first strains, you know something mysterious, maybe even mystical, is afoot. Melt stretches swaths of symphonic vocals and swooping sonic mayhem over oceanic drumbeats, tracking ever forward into electronic sensory overload. How lucky that in the process they strike a rich vein of pop gold." Filter Magazine